HW3, due Wednesday Sep 21, 2016

Chapter 2, MNT pages 26-27

  • Problem 11
  • Problem 13  (Hint: insert a “k” where appropriate in the argument on page 19).
  • Problem 15a  (Hint: do you recognize this as a Dirichlet product?  How is the formula related to the Moebius inversion formula?)
  • Problem 26a,b.  There is no need to prove convergence of either side.  For full credit, it is enough to work the case s=2.  (Hint: use the product formula over primes in problem 25 for zeta(s).)

Chapter 3, MNT pages 36-37

  • Problem 2
  • Problem 4  (Hint: if an equation has no solutions modulo m for some m, then it has no solutions in the integers.)

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